Data Analytics

data analytics

Data Collection

We, as certified data analyst, conduct

  • web search and types of data in research
  • data gathering
  • scraping primary data and secondary data by python programming
  • qualitative data collection and quantitative data collection
  • ecommerce and social media platforms data, like Shopify stores, Facebook, woocommer

  • public industrial and business analytics data and reports.
  • third party API using python
  • third party investigation agency reports and data.

We perform public and authorized data collection for commercial activities and analyse all types of data collection

Data Preprocessing

We preprocessing data by python programming,

  • clean invalid and duplicate data.
  • database clean up
  • transform to structured dataset.
  • data cleaning in python
  • convert into Arabic numbers format, which can be analysed
  • integrate correlated dataset into normalized data structure
data analytics, data processing
data analytics, data science

Data Analytics

We conduct data analytics during business analytics among different industries:

  • exploratory data analysis and data analytics
  • predictive analytics
  • descriptive analytics
  • marketing analytics
  • statistical analytics
  • exploratory data analysis


  • independent and dependent variables
  • visualize data by Excel, Python API, Tableau or Power BI
  • find out correlations among variables,
  • pinpoint the insights in dataset.

Modelling and Prediction

We, as certified data scientist,
  • explore multiple models using sample data
  • ascertain the highest accuracy model as predictive model
  • predict unknown big data.
  • using the predictive models to predict tendency, probability in terms of decision making
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