market research

market research

Web Research

We, as market research consultant, conduct market research service on Internet, collect related information.The topics include:

  • Market size, market share, market volume.
  • competitor research, competitors analysis
  • Market segmentation, demographic.
  • consumer behaviour research, such as interest and behaviour.
  • Primary market research
  • secondary market research
  • market research reports
 Our web research comes from:
  • official websites
  • e-commerce platforms
  • media reports
  • investigation reports of third parties.
  • social media
  • influencers blogs and articles
  • scientific institutions etc. 

Survey / interview online and on-site

We help draw up and execute online survey and interview, with the help of survey sites, like Wechat questionnaires, monkeysurvey, google survey. Also, we provide on-site interview and get valued opinion. We:

  • design interview questions and answers.
  • search valued respondents and valued opinions.
  • organize online or on-site survey and interview.
  • conduct the procedure.
  • summarize reports and make conclusion related to research topics
We use widely-used tools to execute:
china market
china market

focus group

As a moderator, we organize online focus groups meeting based on target respondents and topics. During the focus group, we

  • execute and coordinate discussion procedure.
  • collect valued respondents opinions
  • analyse and summarize into research reports.
We conduct on-site focus group on different locations, if clients need participate in focus group research, we also undertake interpreters, to help join communication process with group respondents.

field research

We draw up and conduct field research to conduct competitors research, including:

  • Make strategies of field research and
    field studies.
  • Plan, execute field research on scheduled time and locations.
  • Collect samples, record, analyse research topics.
  • Summarize final investigation research reports.
  • competitor research, competitors analysis.
  • field research methods and examples.


Our on-site fields include

  • all cities in Germany.
  • most cities in China.
china market
china market

Samples And Case Study

  • Can case study be quantitative?
  • What is stratified sampling?
  • How to conduct quantitative samples and case study?
  • What is the procedure of collecting samples and case studies?

We select samples and cases to conduct case study research and case analysis, market research and competitors research


  • use mathematics methodology to analyse internal correlation, in-depth reasons of cases and samples related to business.
  • understand business performance and decision making process.

statistics research

We collect statistical data from different sources to conduct some types of data statistics:

  • social media platforms
  • e-commerce shops
  • public data source from government , authorities, institutions, universities, third-party agencies.
  • web research

We use statistical methodology to conduct statistical data analysis:

  • patterns among multiple variables
  • visualize data. our tools are Excel, Tableau and Power BI. 
  • analyse and predict future trends and possibility.
market research
market research

big data and data analytics

We use big data technologies to conduct big data analytics, the sources of big data and uses of big data is:

  • collect big data volume from multiple channels
  • clean unnecessary, and useless data
  • preprocess into structured data.
  • analyse data correlation.
  • figure out the most accurate models.
  • make prediction and suggestions according to the most suitable models
  • business decision making process.
  • big data in business.

Our tools are

  • Python
  • IBM Watson Studio
  • Excel