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Sourcing And procurement

Our teammates, have more than 10 years experiences, can help sourcing and procurement on various categories and products. We search on

collaborate with logistics partners internally and internationally. We have established comprehensive relationship with manufacturers, suppliers, 3rd party quality inspect institutions, shipping service providers, custom.etc.

sourcing and procurement
china market research

market research

We use qualitative and quantitative market research methodology to deeply understand Chinese and German market. Types of market research methodology include

  • experimental and exploratory research
  • content analysis
  • operations research
  • qualitative research
  • quantitative research

The world market today is changing rapidly, each business need achieve deep insights on target audiences, market segmentation , competition and competitors, marketing channels, in order to get more target audience, lead generations, and finally convert to sale.

Digital marketing

We server as a digital marketing agency, get insights in target market and customers segmentation, gain target audiences demography, interesting, behaviours. Then make digital marketing strategies and plans, use online/ network marketing, like:
  • Affiliate
  • Influencer
  • Social Media
  • Inbound/Content
 to raise brand awareness, lead generation, and finally convert to sale. In Chinese digital marketing, lots of global giant platforms cannot be accessed within Chinese mainland. Instead, there are some monopolistic and comprehensive platforms take a crucial role in Chinese society.
china marketing

data analytics

Our teammates have strong theoretical and practical experiences in this cutting edge technology. We collect data from various sources:

  • Web Scraper
  • Social Media
  • E-commerce
  • API
  • Chinese and German sources
and execute data entry, data cleaning, data processing, visualization, analytics, and data modelling. Through data mining and big data processing, we dig into correlations inside big data, and figure out insights among giant and structured database or dataset.
Dashboards visualize insights and predictive analytics outcome all-in-one. Clients can easily and timely observe business tendency, make decisions with scientific and quantitative data. The insights and predictions are more accurate and objective than qualitative analytics.