China Manufacturing

China Manufacturing

Sourcing And Procurement

We, as sourcing and procurement expert, provide China sourcing services:

  • sourcing and procurement from Chinese manufacturing industries belts for specific products.
  • check quality according to international and EU standards, like CE, ISO, DIN
  • negotiate price, terms of contract, terms of payment
  • logistics cooperation
  • inventory, SKU, warehousing management

Market research on China manufacturing

We, as China market research expert, conduct market research on China manufacturing

  • competition and competitors research by qualitative research and secondary research
  • field research by visiting on site factories and manufacturing industry companies
  • ¬†interview and survey target audiences
  • data analytics to get insights from big dataset and various sources online and offline
  • ¬†predictive suggestions for decision making process.
china market research
China Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We, as digital marketing and seo expert

  • create articles, posts, blogs with seo in Chinese and German
  • produce text, images, short and long videos
  • upload content to platforms and channels
  • use social media channels to attract potential customers.