IT and telecommunications

IT, telecom

Sourcing and procurement

We, as IT and telecom procurement expert

  • sourcing and procurement hardware in south China where is the largest electronic industries belt in China
  • visit manufacturers and factories
  • audit manufacturers and factories surrounding, process of quality control according to ISO, CE and Chinese quality standards
  •  collection samples and check quality
  • negotiate price, terms of contract, payment, logistics, delivery timetable
  • assistant with logistics partners

market research in IT and telecommunications

Our seasoned specialist have experiences for decades, we

  • analyse software, hardware, telecom market size, share and segment of specific products
  • make research of target audience habits, behaviours and profile in terms of specific products
  • with the help of qualitative and quantitative methodology, conduct online research, filed research, interview and focus group, make comprehensive research on target audience, products and brands
IT, telecom
social media marketing

digital marketing

We, as certified digital marketer

  • create in-depth articles, blogs and posts with IT and telecommunications insights in Chinese and German market
  • use digital marketing channels to attract target audience
  •  conduct digital marketing strategy , make content, backlinks,
    search engine optimization on Baidu,
    online advertising, paid ads
  •  evaluate effect of online marketing, optimize strategies and implementation