Education And Real Estate

education, real estate

Market Research on Education

We conduct insights into market in China and Germany.

  • conduct education market research in China and European related industries and demands
  • analyse start-up and online leaning business in China
  • create online learning strategies into marketplace
  • collect potential customers lead generation and engagement.

Digital Marketing

We, as certified digital marketer
  • create blogs, articles, posts related to topics in Chinese and German
  • manage social media business account
  • regularly upload articles and blogs to attract potential customers
  • collaborate with influencers to produce videos and advertising
  • track performance
  • maintained audiences communities
    and solve inquires.
education, real estate
education, real estate

Data Analytics

We,  as certified data analyst

  • collect market data from multiple sources
  •  analyse market trends
  • data analytics
  •  expand existing market share and decision making process.