Digital Marketing

social media marketing

Facebook, Ins Social Media

We, as Facebook and Instagram business manager, provide various social media marketing services, such as:

  • conduct social media marketing strategies.
  • conduct social media campaigns.
  • manage online marketing, like business accounts.
  • create blogs and posts.
  • create and run ads campaigns 
  • monitor ads result and profit, optimize campaigns to gain most ROI.
  • Integrate social media marketing with e-commerce stores and data analytics tools, identify traffic and profit sources, optimize e-commerce channels marketing strategies.
We integrate several tools and platforms, analyse data and optimize marketing strategies:

Google Ads

As Google ad manager Google ads certified and google adwords certified specialist and digital marketing agency, we conduct google advertising and online advertising, including:



  • make keywords research to business
  • manage Google ads account
  • set up Google ads campaigns
  • run A/B test
  • monitor website performance
  • optimize website structures and content
Google Ads

Search Engine Optimization

We, as social media marketing agency, use comprehensive analytics tools, such as

to analyse ranking of keywords, backlinks, keywords competition, competitors research, and conduct auditing reports which show complicated optimization suggestions.

Using search engine optimization technical methodology and other ways, we can increase rank on Google for specific keywords, that lead to original traffic to business.

Inbound Marketing

We, as social marketer, are certified by Hubspot inbound marketing certification. That means we have specific capability to draw up strategies, execute, audit and optimize the steps and outcome included in inbound marketing.

  • analyse inbound marketing strategies
  • produce blogs, articles, posts, videos, short-videos etc in Chinese and German
  • check performance, find out optimization points.
  • optimize strategies, and conduct process iteratively.

Attract target audience to leads, engaged and converted to sale, make customers delighted finally.

Inbound marketing
social media marketing

Chinese Social Media

We manage business accounts on Chinese social media platforms

  • business target audience and potential customers
  • communities
  • maintain image of brands
Chinese social media channels totally differ from oversea ones, they have different featured rules and regulations compare to foreign ones. We have access to all Chinese channels and fetch big data from platforms, which can be analysed and optimized to achieve higher views, engagements and comments.

Content Marketing

We, as content marketing agency, provide content creation services, conduct 

  • content marketing strategy and content promotion
  • create multiple types of Chinese content creation.
  • seo content strategy
  • video marketing.
  • content creation strategy and content marketing matrix
  • inbound content marketing
  • website content strategy and b2b content marketing strategy.
  • marketing copywriting

, mainly focus on

  • blogs
  • articles
  • soft-advertising
  • posts
  • long and short videos
  • branding content

upload content on multiple platforms and communicate with audience and customers.

content marketing

Baidu SEO and Paid Ads

Chinese audience cannot access Google in China, they use Baidu instead. We

  • provide SEO strategies and plans
  • make Baidu keywords research, competitors, similar as Google keywords planner tools
  • similar as RankMath and Yoast, provide SEO title, keywords, SEO description meta, H1, internal and external links.
  • submit URLs, Robort.txt, sitemaps, index website on Baidu
  • SEO reports from Baidu Analysis, Webmaster, include keywords, traffic, indexed pages, IP address etc.
  • create and manage Baidu PPC ads campaign.
  • websites localization.

Influencer Marketing

It has specific restrictions and policies in China, foreign companies usually cannot collaborate with influencers directly. We, as an agency, help clients

  • find most suitable influencers based on business requirements and categories.
  • create content marketing strategies, plans, campaigns.
  • cooperate with Chinese influencers to create videos, blogs, posts, articles etc.
  • audit performance and optimize content.
We cooperate with influencers on the channels:
influencer marketing