AliExpress Reviews – Is It Legit And What You Must Know Before You Buy

AliExpress stands as one of the largest ecommerce platforms globally, embraced by both businesses and consumers, so it is very important to know Aliexpress reviews before buying anything.

For entrepreneurs, AliExpress dropshipping offers an accessible and budget-friendly route to kickstart online sales.

Simultaneously, shoppers worldwide flock to AliExpress for its wide array of affordable goods from China, often unavailable elsewhere.

However, despite its widespread popularity, about 12% of AliExpress reviews fall below 2 stars. Over time, AliExpress has garnered a reputation for peddling low-quality merchandise.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the reasons behind the mixed AliExpress reviews and address the question of its safety for buyers.

AliExpress is renowned as a massive online marketplace, drawing both businesses and consumers worldwide. It offers a plethora of products sourced from various regions, predominantly Asia, where shoppers can snag items at incredibly affordable prices.

When browsing AliExpress, you’ll discover a mix of sellers, ranging from trading companies to small-scale entrepreneurs, all offering a wide array of products ready for immediate shipment. However, despite its popularity, AliExpress has garnered a fair share of criticism, with nearly 12% of AliExpress reviews rating the platform poorly, often citing concerns about product quality and authenticity.

Despite these concerns, AliExpress remains a go-to destination for many looking to start a dropshipping business. Its extensive supplier network and competitive pricing make it an attractive option for entrepreneurs seeking to venture into the world of ecommerce.

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Is AliExpress Safe And Legit?

AliExpress earns its reputation as a trustworthy marketplace where you can shop with confidence. While occasional negative AliExpress reviews may surface due to sellers offering subpar products, the platform maintains a safe environment for buyers.

One of the standout features of AliExpress website is its comprehensive buyer protection program, which ensures that shoppers are covered in case of any issues with their purchases. Whether a product arrives late or doesn’t match the description, AliExpress steps in to provide a full refund to the buyer.

Here’s how the buyer protection program works:

  1. Buyers can easily report any problems with their purchases to AliExpress website.
  2. If the seller fails to address the issue satisfactorily, buyers have the option to open a dispute.
  3. In cases where the seller doesn’t respond to the dispute, AliExpress intervenes to ensure that the buyer receives a full refund.

This process is typically resolved within two weeks, offering a swift resolution and reimbursement for buyers. With its robust buyer protection measures, AliExpress website effectively safeguards customers from potential scams and ensures a safe shopping experience. As a result, AliExpress stands as a reputable and secure platform for online purchases.

AliExpress Reviews

It’s important to take note of 1-2 star AliExpress reviews with a level head, considering the platform’s intermediary role rather than direct product sales.

With a staggering number of sellers exceeding 10 million globally, AliExpress offers an extensive range of products. However, within such a vast marketplace, there are both reputable and less trustworthy vendors. Despite AliExpress’ efforts to uphold quality standards, monitoring every listing can be a daunting task.

Nevertheless, AliExpress is proactive in combating scams and fraudulent activities. As long as buyers exercise caution and learn to discern between reliable and questionable sellers, engaging in purchases or dropshipping through AliExpress remains relatively secure.

Here’s a breakdown of some common AliExpress reviews found online, along with tips on avoiding potential fraud:

AliExpress Reviews #1: Shipping Was Late

Aliexpress reviews shipping

When ordering from AliExpress, it’s important to note that most items come from overseas, which means you might experience longer delivery times that aren’t always guaranteed.

Depending on the shipping carrier, you could receive your order anywhere from one week to two months after purchase.

Despite the potential for delays, AliExpress promises delivery by the last day of the estimated timeframe provided.

For example, if they give you a delivery estimate of 30-50 days, you’re entitled to a full refund if your item doesn’t arrive within 50 days.

To request a refund for a late delivery, you can use the “Eva” customer service bot.

Simply go to your “Order Overview” page, select the “Not Received Goods” option, and Eva will check if your order qualifies for a refund.

If the delivery window has passed, you can open a dispute and get your money back.

How Long Does AliExpress Typically Take For Delivery?

When browsing through AliExpress website, expect your ordered items to arrive within a timeframe ranging from 14 to 60 days, depending on the chosen shipping method.

Although Cainao Global Economy might seem like an appealing choice due to its affordability, it’s notorious for being the least reliable shipping option.

Introduced by Alibaba website in 2018, Cainao Global Economy offers budget-friendly shipping rates but is often criticized for its sluggish delivery, making the cost savings less appealing.

For more reliable shipping, it’s advisable to select AliExpress standard shipping, which utilizes airmail for quicker delivery. Alternatively, if your budget allows, consider using DHL or UPS for a more dependable shipping experience with AliExpress purchases.

AliExpress Reviews #2: No Refund Was Given?

Aliexpress reviews refund

AliExpress website operates within a narrow timeframe for filing disputes and seeking refunds, typically aligned with the estimated delivery window provided for your order.

For instance, if your product is expected to arrive between 30 to 50 days, you’re required to initiate a dispute within this timeframe, even if the delivery occurs on the 50th day.

Given the extended shipping duration, it’s essential to inspect your purchase promptly upon arrival to identify any quality issues and take necessary action to safeguard your rights.

While it’s common for buyers to lose track of their orders during the extended shipping period, leveraging the AliExpress buyer protection program necessitates immediate attention and thorough examination of received goods to ensure timely dispute resolution.

AliExpress Reviews #3: Shipped Poor Quality

Aliexpress reviews quality

Quality standards in China often differ from those in the United States, resulting in many products on AliExpress website being inexpensive but poorly made.

While the allure of low prices is understandable, it often means compromising on quality control and materials. To navigate this, it’s essential to thoroughly review both the product and seller feedback before making a purchase.

Here are some key guidelines to follow:

  1. Check the seller’s feedback rating: Opt for sellers with a rating of 4.5 or higher.
  2. Review the number of orders shipped: Preferably choose sellers with a track record of at least 500 orders or more.
  3. Consider the number of Aliexpress reviews: Focus on sellers with a substantial number of reviews, ideally 100 or more.
  4. Read 2-3 star reviews: Pay attention to negative feedback, particularly regarding quality issues.
  5. Avoid branded products: Most branded items on AliExpress reviews are counterfeit.
  6. Be cautious with electronics: Many electronic products on AliExpress are of poor quality, especially items like memory cards, batteries, and PC equipment.

Following these guidelines can help minimize the risk of receiving subpar merchandise. However, if you’re dissatisfied with your purchase due to quality concerns, you have several options:

  1. Leave negative Aliexpress reviews: If the product matches its description and photo, AliExpress buyer protection may not apply. In such cases, leaving a negative review can serve as feedback but may not result in a refund.
  2. File a dispute: You can negotiate a partial refund with the seller through a dispute. Avoid leaving a 1-star review if you plan to dispute the purchase, as it can affect your leverage.
  3. Return the merchandise: Some sellers may offer a refund if you return the product to them. However, shipping costs to China can be high and may exceed the product’s value, with no guarantee of a refund upon return.

AliExpress Reviews #4: Merchandise Is Counterfeit

Aliexpress reviews fake

If you spot any brand-name products like Gucci or Louis Vuitton on AliExpress website, they’re likely counterfeit. AliExpress strictly prohibits the sale of branded items, so any claims otherwise should raise suspicions.

Additionally, be wary of sellers offering materials like gold or silver at unusually low prices. Such deals often signal counterfeit or subpar quality products.

Shopping on AliExpress website is akin to browsing eBay, but with products lacking brand recognition and established quality standards. While AliExpress boasts a diverse range of items, the absence of brand assurance can make it a hit-or-miss experience.

Recently, AliExpress faced scrutiny from the Better Business Bureau due to a surge in negative reviews and complaints about counterfeit goods. This underscores the importance of approaching AliExpress purchases with realistic expectations.

AliExpress’s buyer protection may not always guarantee refunds for counterfeit claims, as verifying authenticity can be challenging and costly. Therefore, it’s wise to remain skeptical of overly enticing deals and exercise caution when shopping on the platform.

AliExpress Reviews #5: Never Received Merchandise

Aliexpress reviews service

Many AliExpress reviews highlight concerns about undelivered orders and difficulties securing refunds, reflecting common frustrations among buyers.

To address such issues, AliExpress stipulates that buyers must wait until the estimated delivery window expires before raising a dispute. Recently, this window was extended to 90 days for most purchases, delaying dispute initiation until three months have passed.

For swifter resolution, AliExpress offers an automated bot service called “Eva,” which efficiently handles missing product claims. Opting for the “Not Received” option directs disputes promptly to the relevant department.

It’s worth noting that alternative communication methods with AliExpress for “Item Not Received” claims may prove less efficient than utilizing Eva.

However, challenges may arise if the received product is incomplete. In such cases, AliExpress often favors the seller unless sufficient evidence is provided. Documenting the unboxing process through video evidence can prove beneficial in such scenarios.

AliExpress Reviews #6: Received Incorrect Merchandise

Aliexpress reviews wrong products

If you receive incorrect merchandise from an AliExpress seller, it’s crucial not to negotiate directly with them.

Instead, go ahead and file an official dispute with AliExpress and let the platform handle the negotiations with the seller.

Remember, any deals or discussions conducted outside of AliExpress won’t be enforceable.

In general, AliExpress is pretty reliable when it comes to providing refunds for products that don’t match their listed descriptions. Just be sure to act promptly and provide detailed explanations to AliExpress support.

Make sure to file a dispute as soon as you receive the product and document any discrepancies with detailed photos for AliExpress to review. Avoid engaging with the seller independently or accepting any offers outside of AliExpress.

AliExpress Reviews #7: Lots Of Scammers

Aliexpress reviews scammer

Scams on AliExpress vary, but here are some common ones to watch out for:

  1. Fake Sellers: Scammers create fraudulent seller accounts and list non-existent products or counterfeit goods. They may disappear after receiving payment, leaving buyers with no recourse.

  2. Bait-and-Switch: Some sellers advertise high-quality products but ship inferior or different items. They lure buyers with attractive images and descriptions but deliver something entirely different.

  3. Shipping Scams: Scammers exploit loopholes in AliExpress’s shipping policies to manipulate delivery times or provide fake tracking numbers. Buyers may never receive their orders or face extensive delays.

  4. Quality Manipulation: Sellers misrepresent the quality or condition of products to deceive buyers. They may use stock images or false descriptions to make substandard items appear desirable.

  5. Refund Frauds: Certain scammers attempt to trick buyers into canceling disputes or accepting partial refunds. They may use persuasive tactics or false promises to avoid issuing full reimbursements.

  6. Identity Theft: In rare cases, scammers may engage in identity theft or phishing schemes to obtain buyers’ personal information. They may impersonate legitimate sellers or AliExpress representatives to deceive unsuspecting users.

  7. Review Manipulation: Dishonest sellers may engage in review manipulation tactics, such as incentivizing positive reviews or creating fake accounts to inflate their ratings. This can mislead buyers into trusting unreliable sellers.

Being aware of these Aliexpress scams can help buyers stay vigilant and protect themselves from fraudulent activities on AliExpress.

AliExpress Reviews #7: Irresponsible Customer Service

Aliexpress review customer service

While AliExpress website endeavors to provide support to its users, there are some negative aspects of their customer service support that have been highlighted by customers:

  1. Limited Response Options: Some users have expressed frustration with the limited response options available when contacting AliExpress website customer service. This can lead to delays in receiving responses or difficulty in reaching a resolution through chat or email, which may affect users’ perceptions of AliExpress’s reliability and safety.

  2. Language Barriers: Communication barriers due to language differences have been cited as an issue by some customers. Given that AliExpress serves a diverse global customer base, language differences can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or difficulties in effectively resolving issues, impacting the overall customer experience.

  3. Generic Responses: In certain instances, customers have received generic or automated responses from AliExpress customer service representatives. This can be disheartening for users seeking personalized assistance with their specific concerns, potentially raising doubts about the effectiveness of AliExpress’s support system.

  4. Disputes and Refunds: Resolving disputes and obtaining refunds for unsatisfactory purchases may pose challenges for some users. Delays or complications in processing refunds have been reported, causing dissatisfaction among customers and prompting concerns about the reliability of AliExpress’s refund process.

  5. Inconsistent Support Quality: The quality of customer service support on AliExpress may vary depending on the individual representative handling the inquiry. While some users have reported receiving helpful and efficient assistance, others have encountered difficulties in resolving their issues satisfactorily, highlighting inconsistencies in AliExpress’s support quality.

Despite these challenges, AliExpress continues to work on enhancing its customer service support to better meet the needs of its users and improve overall satisfaction levels.

How To Spot Fake Aliexpress Reviews On AliExpress

Identifying fake reviews on AliExpress is often straightforward. One telltale sign is the presence of broken English or language that doesn’t seem natural to a native speaker. Moreover, if a seller boasts hundreds of reviews, all with perfect 5-star ratings, it’s a red flag for potential fake reviews.

Consider this example of a suspicious review, likely crafted by the seller themselves.


Are The Negative AliExpress Reviews Legit?

Approaching AliExpress reviews with a pinch of skepticism is a smart move, much like you would on any online platform. However, it’s important to recognize that AliExpress, being a multi-billion dollar company, has thrived by providing reliable service to its customers.

By following some key guidelines and taking necessary precautions, shopping on AliExpress website can be both safe and dependable.

Here’s a breakdown of steps to ensure a secure shopping experience:

  1. Verify the credibility of sellers by opting for those with a proven track record of at least 500 orders and an average rating of 4.5 stars or higher in AliExpress reviews.
  2. Exercise caution when encountering deals that appear overly enticing, as they may signal the presence of low-quality or counterfeit products.
  3. Opt for reputable shipping methods like AliExpress standard delivery, UPS, DHL, or FedEx to steer clear of lengthy shipping times.
  4. Shield yourself from potential fraud by making payments directly through the AliExpress website. In case of dissatisfaction with your purchase, initiate a dispute promptly before the buyer protection window expires.