How to find cheap China manufacturers in China sourcing

Totally speaking, finding cheap China manufacturers is not an easy job,especially when you are start-up business. Cheap products with good quality are rare resources, so finding them needs hard work, and sometimes lucky is very important. The two key reasons are:

You have few advantages of negotiating. If start up business have no highly enough order quantity in the early stage, producers will not give any chance. If you purchase the same products, others may get $20, but you may get $40 or even higher. If the order quantity statistics are worse done and the purchase is overrated, the inventory can be suppressed if they can’t be sold, and finally worsen the situation.

Few experience in negotiating. Start-up business has too little experience and easy to suffer. Negotiating price is a psychological game. One side need figure out another’s psychological bottom line. If you can’t ascertain what China manufacturers thoughts, it’s easy for them to pinpoint yours, then you have to be led by China manufacturers.


Different Cheap China Manufacturers when China Sourcing

The most direct source of cheap product is China manufacturers, a first-hand source processed directly by factories, rather than intermediate resale. Take the first-hand sources, to a large extent, to grasp initiative of the market. However, due to role of the market, many large-scale wholesales are also connected with China manufacturers, so China sourcing cheap product is not only in factories can get, in fact, there are many other channels can.

manufacturersA number of wholesale towns with very competitive prices can solve the problem. To find cheap sources, you can go to the following markets

Large local wholesale markets. The advantage is you will set up exchange rules in advance to avoid stock pressures. Another source is agents. Become an agent of China manufacturers, select first-hand sources rather than intermediate one.

Manufacturers. manufacturers are those who have acquaintances working in-house or set up closer relationship, which can take smaller quantities at a lower price.

One more channel is wholesalers cooperation. Purchasing from wholesalers are cheaper, but the amount of orders are relatively large, otherwise wholesalers will not take your orders into account.

Wholesale websites. Many wholesale platforms are closely connected with manufacturers, with a wide range of categories and styles, low prices, providing returns, quality control and other related service. The main concern is if your demand is not large, you can use samples or one piece delivery, so you have no pressure on stock. On some platforms, you can find what you need, the process of purchasing through platforms, and returns are only required to be submitted on the platform, like Alibaba, Online Business Park, Search Style and so on.

china sourcingInternational trade companies. Most companies can delivery only 1-3 pieces. There are lots of cheap products in stock. It is best if you are familiar with international trade companies. There are more platforms which can provide online wholesale in Chinese super market, you can find them on sourcing and procurement page.


Clothing manufacturers

We make deeper research into the biggest clothing industrial belts in Chinese super market, Guangdong and Zhejiang province. Both industrial belts cluster majority of clothing manufacturers, we will list some wholesale markets where you can find cheap manufacturers:

  • Thirteen lines area in Guangzhou:Located on Shisanhang Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou. It is composed of many buildings, including New China Building, Hongbiantian Building, Doulan Street, etc., All are wholesale clothing manufacturers and mainly are women’s clothing.



  • Shahe area in Guangzhou: mainly in Nancheng, Beicheng, Wanjia, Yimin, Jinma and Charming Oriental Denim City. Most are men and women clothing, self-produced with low prices. In addition, there is a early market in Shahe, where usually starts at four o’clock and closes at six o’clock.
  • Garment markets around Guangzhou central train station: you can find the White Horse, Huimei, Cotton Tree and USS garment markets, where prices are slightly higher and many shops have their own style.
  • Hangzhou wholesale market is the Four Seasons Green, where contains lots of wholesale buildings. Each of them have different styles and level of manufacturers
  • Changqing Wholesale Clothing Market in Hangzhou: The target consumers are 18-30, so the style is fashionable and casual. However sometimes the offer is chaotic.
  • YiFa in Hangzhou: It mainly focus on local women’s clothing brands, a collection of many excellent independent brands,  an unique “independent direct selling” model. The network of the wholesale is very large with good quantities and good prices
  • Xinzhongzhou: There are many high quality clothes stores where mainly focus on young women who enjoy light luxury. There are mostly Korean, European and American fashion style. High quality clothing brands, novel styles, a good shopping mall environment, perfect facilities and standardized management attract customers worldwide.
  • Hangzhou also has China Textile Center Clothing Market, Jiutian Women’s Clothing Building, Dongzhan Clothing Market, Longxiang Clothing City, etc, where you can find favourite suppliers.