Sourcing and procurement

Online soucrcing

We sourcing products, manufacturers and suppliers on B2B and B2C platforms, including product sourcing and global sourcing:

Compare to sole sourcing, sourcing specialists in our team are native Chinese and have enormous online sourcing experience for decade, especially in 3C, apparels, accessories, furnitures, medical products, cosmetic and skin care products. We provide strategic sourcing and strategic procurement.

Some platforms are only in Chinese, and most suppliers cannot speak English well. Our sourcing specialists have rich experiences to identify qualified, reliable, honest manufacturers and vendors, so that we will provide sustainable sourcing and procurement.

To decrease risks, we verify and investigate background and information of manufactures, like fraud issues, illegal cases in Chinese business offices.

china sourcing
china sourcing

on-site china sourcing

During on-site sourcing products, We visit manufacturers and factories on-site after online research, especially for those who make bulk orders. In the mean time, we audit environments, the process of quality control, samples quality, social responsibility based on demands.

We accompany with clients to audit factories if needed. As Interpreters, assist clients to communicate with manufacturers, workers, and managers.
In some cases, clients cannot visit Chinese suppliers themselves. We, as representatives
  • audit factories according to qualification checklist.
  • communicate with manufactures and suppliers to know about more insights in terms of products and factories.
  • visit official government department to verify business legality.

wholesale markets and Trade Fairs

We visit wholesale markets around Chinese economy circles regularly when sourcing products, especially in

  • Shanghai
  • Yiwu
  • Zhejiang
  • Guangzhou
  • Shenzhen
  • Keqiao
  • Wuhan, etc.

Sourcing specialists resident in trade economy belts, so it is convenient  to wholesale markets and large-scale trade fairs.

We collect new season trends, search good quality and best price products, make research vendors, communicate with potential manufacturers and suppliers, buying samples for quality checking. 

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china sourcing

Chinese and International Standards

Our sourcing specialists are familiar with Chinese and international standards, like

We distinguish authentic certifications provided by vendors. To decrease risks of bad quality, we investigate related Chinese standard qualifications, make sure all products are qualified.

We identify International standards qualification, make sure the certifications provided by manufacturers are authentic, without any fraud issues before.

negotiation and vendors coordination

When strategic procurement, We negotiate 

  • Price
  • Payment terms
  • Delivery schedules
  • Timetables
  • Detailed terms of making contracts.

 We manage

  • Vendors
  • Inventory
  • SKU
in various industries.
Our teammates are seasoned project managers and good negotiators, will get the best contract terms on behalf of clients, which is a sustainable sourcing and procurement.
china sourcing, china procurement
china procurement

logistics coordination

When sourcing products and strategic procurement, We coordinate with

  • Chinese warehouse in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Wuhan etc
  • German warehouse in Frankfurt, Berlin, Erfurt, Meckenheim etc
  • Chinese Customs and EU Customs
  • Domestic logistics partners from warehouse to harborfreight.
  • international logistics partners, including sea, railway and air-plane transportation.
Our reliable partners, in China and Germany, provide economical, secure and fast service for decades.

Drop shipping

In terms of dropshipping, Our sourcing specialists can

  • Sourcing the best winning products in China and Germany.
  • Check samples quality before bulk orders.
  • On-site and factories auditing
  • Logistics cooperation
With rich e-commerce experiences,we can
  • Setup Shopify stores.
  • Set up e-commerce stores with WordPress or Wix
  • e-commerce Stores management and operations.
  • AliExpress sourcing and products auditing.
china procurement
china sourcing, china procurement

Chinese and German public procurement

We, as a supplier, regularly participate in Chinese and German public e tendering. So we also help to join public procurement on behalf of clients. We can provide:

  • Chinese and German public e tendering projects information when they are published.
  • Chinese competitive analytics reports related to projects.
  • German competitors investigation in terms of projects.
  • Suggest competitive proposals and price.
  • Participant in bidding process.
  • coordinate with execution of contracts with buyers.