Sourcing and procurement

As a China-based sourcing and procurement agency, our role involves assisting clients in sourcing products from China. We serve as procurement agents and trade execution agent in China, supporting clients throughout the entire purchasing process. This includes identifying the appropriate suppliers and ensuring the successful delivery of products to the client’s desired location.

As a sourcing agent and procurement agent in China, we provide end-to-end supply chain services for clients, including:

When sourcing products from China, we identify the right suppliers and manufacturers in China and Germany for specific products, and negotiate prices and terms. As China has a competitive advantage in the supply chain, the majority of our products will be made in China. After years of procurement projects, we have also established strong partnerships with high-quality China suppliers, enabling us to quickly provide clients with the most suitable products and Chinese suppliers.

We, as a sourcing agent, ensure that products and China suppliers meet the required quality standards through product inspections, factory audits, and test. Normally we visually examine the product for any defects or issues that might affect its quality, perform tests on the product to ensure meets certain quality standards, take samples and test, ensure that it meets quality standards, keep detailed records of the quality control process and any issues that were identified. These all belong to our china remote production management service.

As a procuring agent, we coordinate the transportation and delivery from China to the client’s location. Based on the variety, quantity, delivery time, and cost of the goods, we select the cheapest and safest logistics method (air, land, or sea) and ensure the goods are delivered safely and on time to the destination.

We manage relationships with China suppliers and ensure timely delivery. We develop relationships with Chinese suppliers, negotiate contracts, set performance standards, monitor supplier performance, and take corrective actions when necessary. As a China sourcing agent, we build long-term relationships with reliable and capable Chinese vendors who can provide quality goods and services at a competitive price.

As a procurement agent, we manage payments and ensure all transactions are secure and transparent. We negotiate the terms and conditions of payment, receive, verify, and process invoices, authorize and execute payments to suppliers, verify that payments made to suppliers match the invoices and other payment documents, and resolve any discrepancies.

We help clients with import/export documentation and navigate customs procedures. We ensure and verify all necessary documents are obtained, accurate and complete, such as commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, and certificates of origin, communicate with customs brokers and authorities to obtain necessary permits and clearances, coordinate with shipping and logistics companies, and facilitate communication between clients and customs authorities in the event of any issues or delays.

 As a purchasing agent, we handle the entire purchasing process, from supplier selection to order fulfilment and delivery.

We comprehensively analyse the product categories, quantities, quality standards, delivery time and costs, and adopt an omni-channel, matrix-style procurement strategies to provide clients with the best products and services. As a sourcing and procuring agent, we provide:

Online sourcing

We engage in sourcing products, manufacturers, and suppliers through a variety of B2B and B2C platforms, including global sourcing and product sourcing:

Our team of sourcing experts differs from other Chinese sourcing agents, as we are native Chinese and possess over a decade of extensive online product sourcing from China experience. We specialize in sourcing 3C, clothing, accessories, furniture, medical products, cosmetics, skincare products, china mechanical products sourcing. While many agents struggle to communicate effectively in English and some platforms are exclusively available in Chinese, we are committed to providing sustainable sourcing and procurement service. Our sourcing professionals have a wealth of experience in identifying competent, trustworthy, and ethical manufacturers and vendors. As a China purchasing agent, we conduct thorough background checks on manufacturers and investigate any instances of fraud or illegal activity within Chinese corporate offices to mitigate risks.

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on-site sourcing and auditing

As part of our sourcing process, we, as a quality control inspector conduct online research and also visit manufacturers and factories to source products and inspection quality control, particularly for clients with large orders. We continuously assess factors such as production settings, quality control procedures, sample testing, and social responsibility to ensure that our sourcing strategies remain effective and responsive to evolving demands.

  1. CSR – SA8000
  3. ISO 9001

We conduct a factory audit, evaluate a supplier’s factory to ensure it meets the necessary standards and requirements for producing goods. The following are our steps in conducting a factory audit:

Wholesale markets and trade shows

Wholesale markets and trade shows provide great opportunities for product sourcing in China and networking with potential suppliers and manufacturers. Our sourcing experts regularly attend trade shows and visit wholesale markets, to learn about the latest industry trends and technologies. For example, as a china construction machinery sourcing agent, we represented clients to visit machinery trade shows in 2021 and found the best manufacturers on the show.

  1. Shanghai
  2. Yiwu
  3. Zhejiang
  4. Guangzhou
  5. Shenzhen
  6. Keqiao
  7. Wuhan, etc.

Our procurement specialists have convenient access to wholesale markets
and trade shows, enabling them to assist or represent clients in on-site
product and service procurement. They can communicate directly with
manufacturers or suppliers on-site, gaining deeper insights into product
quality and supplier qualifications.

  1. China import and export Fair Guangzhou
  2. China international import and expo
  3. China YiWu international Commodities(Standards) Fair
  4. Keqiao Fabric Market
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Chinese and international quality standards

With many Chinese manufacturers investing in quality control measures and improving manufacturing processes, Chinese product quality is generally good, . However, there have been instances of quality issues and product safety concerns, particularly with lower-end or counterfeit products.

Overseas markets often have strict quality requirements for imported products. Moreover, since the quality of Chinese products varies, quality control becomes particularly important during the procurement process, especially for European and American clients with high requirements. So products that meet Chinese and international quality standards are more likely to be favoured.

Our sourcing experts are well-versed in international quality standards, European and American quality standards, as well as Chinese quality standards, so we can quickly screen manufacturers and suppliers that meet the required quality standards, like

  1. GB
  2. CE
  3. ISO
  4. FDA

We verify the authenticity of certifications provided by suppliers and conduct a thorough investigation of relevant Chinese standards qualifications, ensure all products meet the required quality standards, minimize the risk of low-quality products.

  1. China quality certification centre
  2. Chinese enterprise registration information centre
  3. China quality supervision bureau

Negotiation and vendors coordination

Suppliers and manufacturers in China or Germany may not be fluent in English, and cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings. Also, Negotiating with suppliers can be a time-consuming process, particularly for businesses that are unfamiliar with the Chinese and German market.

As an experienced sourcing agent, we are fluent in Chinese and German, and familiar with Chinese and German business culture and the industry’s best practices. In addition, we have extensive experience in negotiating with suppliers , have a deep understanding of the Chinese and German market, and identify favourable terms and conditions that might be overlooked by businesses that are new to the market.


We negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers to obtain the best price for clients while maintaining the required quality standards. We research market prices and understand the price range, which helps us to determine a reasonable price.

We negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the products meet the specifications and quality standards. Sometimes, suppliers may increase profits by lowering the delivery quality that has already been agreed upon. Therefore, it is especially important to inspect the quality of the samples or products. We will not pass products or samples that do not meet the customer’s requirements.

We engage in negotiations with suppliers and manufacturers to guarantee timely delivery of products. In addition, we request a detailed production schedule and review it carefully to ensure aligning with the lead time.

We check the supplier’s reputation before agreeing to any payment terms, and understand the supplier’s financial situation and cash flow requirements, negotiate terms that are fair for both parties. In some cases, If we are unsure about the supplier’s ability to deliver on the agreed-upon terms, we will consider using a third-party service to hold payments until the goods are delivered and inspected.

We read and understand the terms and conditions of the contract thoroughly to ensure all parties agree on the same terms before signing, and discuss potential risks and contingencies, such as delays or quality issues, and come up with a plan to handle them. If necessary, we seek legal advice from a lawyer to ensure the contract is legally binding and enforceable.

When dispute happens, we will collect information related to, such as contracts, emails, and any relevant documentation, and review the information carefully to understand the issue and identify the root cause, and contact parties involved in and listen to their concerns. Once we have identified the cause, propose a solution that is fair to all parties involved.

We have decades of negotiation experience across various industries, and are familiar with the backgrounds and practices of each industry. Therefore, we will bring the best negotiation results to our clients.

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china procurement

logistics coordination

We have established strong partnerships with logistics companies in various logistics industry zones in China and Germany. Therefore, we can cooperate with 3pl logistics and provide logistics services for shipping from China and Germany to global destinations, including sea, air, and land transportation. We offer the most competitive prices and ensure safe and timely delivery.

  1. China warehouse in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Wuhan etc
  2. Germany warehouse in Frankfurt, Berlin, Erfurt, Meckenheim etc
  3. Chinese Customs and EU Customs
  4. Domestic logistics partners from warehouse to harborfreight.

For many years, we have established trustworthy partnerships with reliable service providers in both China and Germany, enabling us to offer economical, secure, and fast logistics services.

  1. CRCT
  2. CIMC
  3. AirChinaCargo

Drop shipping

Differ from other drop shipping companies, we assist clients sell products to customers without needing to hold inventory or handle shipping and logistics, we work with suppliers and logistics together and ship the products directly to the customer on behalf of clients. The drop shipping save clients time and money, as they do not need to invest in inventory or manage the logistics of shipping. Additionally, drop shipping allow clients to offer a wider range of products to customers without needing to source and manage inventory for each product. Normally we provide:

  1. Finding reputable suppliers that offers the products clients need to sell, and research the supplier’s reputation and track record before partnering with them.
  2. Negotiating terms with suppliers, including pricing, shipping, and returns policies.
  3. We provide product descriptions and images, and discussing details with clients and suppliers, assisting clients to list the products on online store.
  4. When a customer purchases a product on online store, we receive the order from clients, and then purchase the product from the supplier and ship directly to the customer.
  5. Handling customer inquiries and returns, even though the product was shipped directly from the supplier. We use a clear communication channel with customers and suppliers to ensure any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.
In addition, we can also create online e-commence stores and marketing service, including but not limited to
  1. Shopify stores setup.
  2. Set up E-commerce stores with WordPress or Wix
  3. E-commerce stores management and operations.
  4. Markeitng on social media platfomrs in China and Germany.

Overall, we can provide comprehensive solutions for clients and deliver competitive products and drop shipping business.

china procurement
china sourcing, china procurement

Chinese and German public procurement

As a supplier, we frequently take part in public e-tendering processes in China and Germany, and we are able to assist our clients in participating in public procurement as well. We offer the following services:

  1. Providing information on Chinese and German public e-tendering projects as soon as they are published.
  2. Offering competitive analytics reports related to projects in China.
  3. Conducting investigations of competitors in Germany with respect to projects.
  4. Recommending competitive proposals and pricing.
  5. Participating in the bidding process.
  6. Coordinating with the execution of contracts with buyers.