Is DHGate Safe And Legit ? Read This To Avoid Scams

Is DHgate safe to buy from?When considering DHGate, a common question is whether it’s a legitimate and safe platform for online shopping or is DHgate safe and legit to buy from it. DHGate, founded in 2004, operates similarly to platforms like AliExpress and Alibaba by offering a space for various sellers to list their products. First, we need to be clear, is DHgate safe and legit?

While DHGate has faced criticism for the quality of some merchandise, it’s important to recognize it as a reputable marketplace with significant annual revenue. 

Success on DHGate comes from knowing how to identify and avoid less honest sellers. This guide aims to equip users with strategies to shop securely on DHGate and avoid potential scams.


DHGate, based in Beijing, China, is a renowned online wholesale marketplace. It connects small Chinese businesses directly with global consumers and e-commerce entrepreneurs, offering a vast range of products. 

This platform is known for its variety, including apparel, electronics, and jewelry, making it a hub for international trade. For insights into its legitimacy, safety, and user reviews, exploring DHGate reviews can provide valuable context. First, we need to be clear, is DHgate safe and legit?

AliExpress stands as DHGate’s main rival, offering an expansive range of items across various categories such as clothing, electronics, computers, and jewelry, akin to DHGate’s vast product selection.

Over 90% of DHGate’s sellers are based in China, with many not operating as true factories. Instead, DHGate features a multitude of small businesses offering diverse products, contributing to the platform’s extensive catalog.

On DHGate, you’ll find a mix of solo entrepreneurs and merchants eager to sell excess inventory at reduced prices, showcasing the platform’s diversity in seller types and motivations.

For those looking to establish their own private label brand with consistent product supply, DHGate might not be the optimal choice.

Navigating DHGate for a consistent product supply can be challenging, as sellers frequently change, making it hard to secure the same product over time.

DHGate offers a unique opportunity for businesses to explore diverse products with low minimum order quantities (MOQs), making it an ideal platform for testing new markets.

Is DHGate Legit?

DHGate stands out as a legitimate and significant platform, generating substantial revenue each year by connecting Chinese sellers with individuals and e-commerce business owners globally.

If you place an order on DHGate, you will receive your merchandise.

However, receiving exactly what you expect from DHGate might vary. As a vast marketplace, it features a wide range of sellers offering products of different quality levels.

Previously, DHGate has encountered negative feedback on well-known review platforms such as the Better Business Bureau and TrustPilot, where it has a 2-star rating overall.

Upon closer inspection of DHGate reviews, it appears that most grievances are aimed at individual sellers rather than DHGate itself, highlighting the challenge of navigating a vast marketplace.

DHGate operates as a platform linking buyers with sellers, not directly selling products themselves. They implement robust measures to deter fraudulent activity, ensuring a safer transaction environment.

Is DHGate Safe To Buy From?

Is dhgate safe

DHgate Reviews

In summary, DHgate reviews present a mixed picture. While the company holds an overall rating of 2.2 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, citing grievances such as delayed shipping, subpar product quality, and uncooperative sellers, there are also instances of positive feedback from satisfied customers who’ve had favorable encounters with DHgate.

Is DHgate Safe Platform?

DHgate, established in 2004, is a bona fide company registered in Hong Kong, with a physical office in the city. Its longevity, substantial customer base, and significant revenue generation attest to its legitimacy, dispelling concerns of it being a scam.

Is DHgate Safe for Purchases?

DHgate implements various safeguards to ensure buyer protection, notably through its “Returns & Refund Guarantee” and “Buyer Protection” program. The Returns & Refund Guarantee shields buyers against discrepancies between product descriptions and actual items received, as well as quality concerns. Meanwhile, the Buyer Protection program serves as an escrow service, withholding the buyer’s funds until the order is successfully delivered and accepted.

Furthermore, DHgate provides a dispute resolution mechanism that empowers buyers to address any dissatisfaction with their purchases. Should disputes remain unresolved, DHgate intervenes and renders a decision, typically favoring the buyer. This process adds an extra layer of protection for purchasers on the platform.

Is DHgate safe if I finish checking the supplier background? No, the supplier background checking is just a reference.

Is DHgate Safe for Dropshipping?

DHgate can serve as a viable option for dropshipping suppliers; however, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and select reputable sellers. While some dropshipping vendors on DHgate may offer reliable services, others might deliver subpar quality products or exhibit unreliability. Therefore, it’s advisable to read reviews diligently and compare prices meticulously before finalizing any purchase.

Is DHgate Safe for Large Orders?

When ordering in bulk, quality may vary from samples. Request photos/videos or consider hiring an inspection agency to avoid issues. While DHgate sellers are generally safe, they source from different suppliers, impacting quality consistency. To ensure safety with large orders, conduct pre-shipment inspections.

 Additionally, their Buyer Protection program acts as an escrow service, holding funds until you confirm receipt and satisfaction with your order.

Overall, it is completely safe to buy from DHGate because…

  1. DHGate tracks your shipment and verifies that it was delivered.
  2. DHGate will help resolve any disputes regarding product quality.
  3. Sellers are not paid until the buyer accepts the merchandise.

DHGate’s buyer protection only applies to transactions made through their platform. 

Direct dealings with sellers outside DHGate do not qualify for this protection, emphasizing the importance of using DHGate’s system for purchases to ensure safety and support.

Is DHgate safe if I buy a sample and then make the order?

No, We don’t think so.

Customers frequently encounter variations in quality among samples and products from different sellers. For instance, we assist customers in procuring multiple samples, with one sent to the customer for evaluation while retaining another for comparison purposes to assess the quality of bulk orders.

Why DHGate Has A Bad Reputation For Quality

dhgate reviews

DHGate’s online reputation is impacted by buyers’ high expectations regarding product quality, often leading to dissatisfaction when those expectations aren’t met.

It’s crucial to recognize that the majority of DHGate’s sellers are based in China, where quality standards may vary from what some buyers expect. This difference in quality perception could lead to dissatisfaction with purchases.

When purchasing from department stores in the United States, products undergo extensive quality control checks, ensuring that each item meets a high standard before sale.

On DHGate, many sellers aim to quickly sell surplus stock at deep discounts, often foregoing thorough quality checks. 

This lack of quality assurance means buyers might face uncertainty regarding the condition or authenticity of their purchases, turning shopping into a risky venture.

Given DHGate’s marketplace nature, finding reliable wholesale suppliers for e-commerce stores can be challenging. Issues with quality control and the transient presence of sellers contribute to a lack of stability, making it hard to establish long-term supplier relationships.

Despite the challenges, DHGate offers a variety of good products and deals. The key to success on this platform is knowing the right shopping strategies to navigate through the offerings effectively.

How To Buy From DHGate Safely Without Getting Scammed

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your first purchase from DHGate safely and minimizing your risks.

First, ensure you create an account on DHGate. It’s crucial to conduct all transactions directly through DHGate to qualify for buyer protection.

Go to and click on the “Join Free” button.


Next, use the search bar to look for a product and begin browsing. When you find an item you want, just click on the “Add To Cart” button to proceed.


When you reach the shopping cart page, take a moment to click on the seller’s profile to explore their other offerings.


How To Evaluate A Seller On DHGate

When viewing the seller profile, pay attention to three key areas. Start by locating the seller profile in the upper left corner of the page.


Typically, We recommand to lean towards purchasing from sellers who meet these criteria:

  1. Has been a seller for at least 2-3 years.
  2. Maintains a positive feedback rating of 95% or higher.
  3. Demonstrates above-average product quality.
  4. Exhibits above-average customer service.

Based on the example provided, I would exercise caution in dealing with this supplier due to the below-average product quality despite a positive feedback rating exceeding 98%.

Furthermore, it’s advisable to thoroughly review the seller’s feedback, particularly focusing on negative reviews, to gauge their customer service standards. 

This approach helps in understanding potential issues and making informed decisions.


Additionally, it’s crucial to assess the quality of the seller’s homepage. In the given example, the seller’s homepage lacks customization, as evident from the absence of a logo or any modifications from the default splash page. 

This lack of effort in branding and presentation may indicate a less professional approach to business.


This is a red flag indicating that you are dealing with a small-time seller on DHGate.

The next section of the seller’s page that warrants close attention is their “Store Categories”.


Most professional sellers specialize in a specific product category and are experts in their niche. For example, the seller in the photo above specializes in cell phone accessories.

However, if you notice a seller offering a wide range of unrelated products in their store, it’s often a sign that they’re simply acquiring various items at discounted rates without much expertise or focus.


is DHgate safe to place a big order? Yes, but you should know how to do pre-shipment inspection.

Check DHGate Delivery Times

Most products on DHGate are shipped from China using ePacket shipping. Nonetheless, larger DHGate sellers often maintain warehouses in the United States. 

This setup offers advantages such as faster shipping times and reduced logistical complications for buyers located in the U.S.

If you manage to discover a seller with a nearby warehouse, not only can you expect affordable (or even complimentary) shipping, but it also indicates that the seller deals with a large volume of products, which typically translates to greater reliability.


The majority of sellers on DHGate do not operate with local warehouses, resulting in shipping times ranging from 2 weeks to as long as 2 months for delivery.

For instance, in the example provided, although shipping is free, it will take 2 months for delivery of the product.


Make sure you check the delivery date on all products BEFORE you place the order. DHGate’s buyer protection program guarantees that you’ll receive your products by the end of the promised date range on the listing.

DHGate Payment Methods

When you’re prepared to finalize your purchase, simply click on the “Proceed To Checkout” button and complete the required fields for billing and shipping information.

Is DHgate safe to pay offline? Never choose to pay offline when you buy from DHgate, no matter how familiar you are with the seller or how harmonious your relationship is


DHGate accepts various forms of credit card payments; however, it’s worth noting that PayPal is not among the accepted payment methods.


Overall, DHGate accepts…

  1. Visa
  2. Mastercard
  3. American Express
  4. Diners Club
  5. Discover
  6. Union Pay
  7. Maestro Card
  8. Bank Transfer

It’s advisable to pay by credit card over a bank transfer when shopping on DHGate, as this allows you to accumulate points and mileage for your card. 

Additionally, paying by credit card provides the option to dispute the payment if DHGate’s buyer protection refund process takes too long.

Regardless of your payment method, you are protected by DHGate’s buyer protection as long as you pay on the DHGate platform. 

Using a credit card adds an extra layer of security against fraud, offering double protection for your transaction. Overall, there is no risk involved in using DHGate’s services.

How To Cancel A DHGate Order

If you experience buyer’s remorse, cancelling your order on DHGate is possible within a specific timeframe.

If your order is within 2 hours of your “Item Being Processed,” you can easily cancel it by clicking the “Cancel Order” button on your order page.

The cancellation will take effect immediately, allowing you to retract your purchase.


However, if more than 2 hours have passed since your order was processed, you’ll need to use the “Request Refund” button instead. Afterward, you’ll need to wait for the seller to respond to your request.


If the seller doesn’t respond within 7 days, you’ll automatically receive a refund. 

However, the seller may reject the refund and ship the package before the shipping deadline. Therefore, it’s important to cancel your order within 2 hours if you’re considering it.

How To Use DHGate Buyer Protection

Upon receiving your DHGate order, it’s crucial to inspect it for quality immediately. Take a close look at your goods and address any issues promptly if you receive subpar items.

If you’re dissatisfied with your order, it’s essential to take action within a specific timeframe to secure a refund.

As per the DHGate website, the Buyer Protection window spans 90 days. However, for added caution, it’s advisable to promptly reach out to the seller in case of any issues with your order.

If the seller fails to respond within the Buyer Protection window, you have the option to request a refund by initiating a dispute.


At this point, DHGate will step in to mediate the dispute.

What To Avoid On DHGate

As you peruse DHGate, you’ll encounter brand-name products available on the platform. These may include items such as Gucci bags, Ferragamo shoes, Nike products, and more!

These are all counterfeit!

Whatever you do, refrain from purchasing these items and attempting to sell them, as it’s illegal. In fact, such products can be confiscated by customs, potentially leading to criminal charges.

Exercise caution when considering reselling products that affect customer safety. For instance, it’s advisable to steer clear of items like bicycle helmets or any product that could potentially cause bodily harm or injury to customers.

Keep in mind that the quality standards of sellers on DHGate may not align with those of your home country. Additionally, listing photos may not accurately represent the actual product being sold, as sellers often copy images from legitimate sources.

The best approach to assess the quality of a product is to purchase a single item initially before committing to a bulk order.

Should You Shop On DHGate?

The negative reputation of DHGate is primarily due to unrealistic expectations. If you come across an excessively cheap product on DHGate, chances are it’s of low quality.

If you don’t anticipate top-tier quality products, you’re likely to find satisfaction with DHGate.

In essence, DHGate can be likened to a budget-friendly version of Ebay, with less reliability compared to AliExpress. It’s a marketplace filled with various sellers from China, offering a diverse array of products, albeit with varying levels of quality and consistency.

Finding genuine factories or reliable suppliers on DHGate is highly improbable. While you may generate some income by operating an ecommerce business on the platform, it’s unlikely to sustain long-term success.

Rest assured, purchasing from DHGate is entirely secure if you’re well-informed. With DHGate’s robust buyer protection program in place, the risk of being scammed or losing your funds is virtually nonexistent.

Nevertheless, quality control poses a significant challenge, making it generally impractical for those seeking to establish a long-term ecommerce venture.