Is Cider Legit? Read This Review Before You Buy From Them


Cider is a website where you can buy women’s clothes online. It started in 2020 and has become quite popular. But is Cider legit? Do they give free shipping? What kind of clothes do they sell?

In this review of Cider, I’ll talk about the good and bad things about shopping on Cider. I’ll also tell you about their shipping and return rules.

After reading this, you’ll know if Cider is the right place for you to shop for clothes.


Unlike Alibaba, which is a global B2B marketplace suited for businesses looking to source products in bulk, while Cider is a B2C retail platform targeting individual consumers with fast fashion items. The main differences lie in their market focus, product range, business model, and target user

Cider is a Hong Kong-based fashion brand just for women. They sell lots of clothes at cheap prices, all coming from China.

Since they started in 2020, Cider has become really popular, especially with young people who want trendy clothes that don’t cost much. Their ads on TikTok and Instagram have helped a lot with this.

When you shop on the ShopCider website, you can pick from different “moods” that match the latest trends.

Cider uses smart technology to decide how much clothing to make. This helps them not make too much, so there’s not a lot of extra stuff left over.

Overall, Cider has a wide range of stylish clothes, all made in China and sold at great prices.

Is Cider Legit?


Cider is definitely a legit platform, offering trendy and affordable fast fashion pieces that are perfect for those one-time wear occasions. While it’s not on the stock market, cider clothing has earned a solid reputation with a 4/5 rating on Trustpilot and a 3.8/5 on Sitejabber, making it a trustworthy site for your shopping needs.

The shop cider app has been downloaded over five million times, boasting secure payment methods, smooth ordering processes, and a bonus feature of free returns for all orders.

However, just like when buying from any online store, it’s smart to check out cider reviews and do a bit of research on the items you’re interested in before finalizing your purchase. This way, you ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

So, Cider is a legitimate online fashion retailer known for offering a wide range of trendy and affordable clothing. With positive cider reviews and ratings on platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber, it’s clear that many customers have had good shopping experiences with them. The availability of secure payment options, easy ordering, and free returns on all orders further establishes Cider’s credibility as a trusted site for fashion enthusiasts. However, as with any online shopping, it’s always a good idea to read product reviews and be mindful of your purchases.

Is Cider Safe?


Shopping with Cider is totally safe, giving you peace of mind with their hassle-free return policy that includes free returns on every order, plus they cover the cost of shipping back. They take your security seriously, protecting your personal and payment info with SSL encryption and not keeping any details once your purchase is done.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how easy it is to return something to Cider:

  • First, go to your “Orders” page and pick the order you want to send back.
  • Confirm you’ve got your order by hitting “Confirm Receipt,” then kick off the return by selecting “Refund | Return.”
  • Print out the provided shipping label and take your package to a nearby USPS spot.
  • Wait for your refund, which Cider sorts out in just 7 to 10 days after their US warehouse gets your return.

Plus, Cider keeps you in the loop with processing and shipping times estimates, sending over a tracking number once your order heads out. So, when it comes to cider legit shopping, cider clothing finds, and checking out cider reviews, you’re all set for a smooth experience.

What Products Does Cider Sell?


Is Cider legit? Absolutely! Cider is your go-to for a huge range of items, including stylish tops, cool bottoms, chic dresses, accessories like bags and jewelry, and even unique finds for pets and wigs.

Check out what you can shop for at Cider:

  1. Trendy crop tops & camis
  2. Casual tees
  3. Sleek bodysuits
  4. Elegant blouses & shirts
  5. Cozy sweatshirts & hoodies
  6. Fashionable skirts & shorts
  7. Classic jeans
  8. Dresses for any occasion – short to long
  9. Swimwear for the beach days
  10. Comfy loungewear & activewear
  11. Fun hair accessories, socks & tights
  12. Warm gloves & scarves, plus hats
  13. Cool belts & chains, eyewear
  14. Handy phone cases
  15. Stylish wigs
  16. Gorgeous women’s jewelry
  17. Adorable pet jewelry, clothes, collars, and raincoats

Cider clothing stands out with unique shopping options like “Pick a mood,” letting you choose outfits based on vibes like Fancy, Edgy, or K-Pop. Plus, their “Trending” section features the latest hits from TikTok.

While the quality might vary by item, and there have been mentions of sizing issues, checking Cider reviews before buying can help you make the best choice. So, when you shop Cider clothing, you’re diving into a world of fashionable and trendy picks.

How Cider Works For Buyers

Is Cider safe to buy? Cider brings you a fantastic collection of clothing and accessories, getting your orders ready in just 1-3 days after you buy something. Plus, you can make your shopping even more personal by setting up an account and checking out pre-order items.

Let’s walk you through how to shop at Cider, step by step:

Open An Account


To get started with a Cider account, just head to their main page and tap on the user icon in the top left corner.

Choose to register with your email, phone number, Google, or Facebook. After you’re all signed up, Cider will activate your account, allowing you to begin your shopping experience.

Shop On Cider


Is Cider safe to shop? Shopping at Cider doesn’t require an account, but signing up offers some great benefits. Once you join and enter your size details, Cider tailors its display to show clothing that matches your fit.

Plus, you get to bookmark your top picks in a wish list, and your shopping cart stays intact, giving you the luxury to think it over before you commit to buying.

Cider Shipping


Is Cider safe to delivery my order? Cider delivers orders within 6 to 9 days with standard shipping and speeds things up to 3 to 5 days if you opt for express shipping.

At checkout, you’ll see estimated delivery times for each item, giving you the choice between:

  • Standard Shipping: This takes about six to nine business days, costing a flat rate of $4.99. However, if your order is over $39.00, you won’t pay a dime for shipping.
  • Express Shipping: For those in a hurry, this option gets your items to you in three to five business days for $15.99.

A cool perk from Cider is they drop the shipping charge on your first purchase.

To reduce surplus stock, Cider offers pre-orders on certain items, marked with a yellow clock symbol. Clicking this shows when you can expect your item, usually in one to two months.

It’s worth noting that some shoppers have found delivery times to be longer than expected since shipments come from Guangzhou, China.

For those shopping from outside the US, shipping begins at $7, and you might wait a bit longer for your items than shoppers in the US.

What Is Cider’s Return Policy?


Is Cider safe to return my order? Cider’s return policy is pretty straightforward: you can send back any item within 14 days of receiving your order. Just remember, once you ask for a return, you’ve got seven days to ship the item back if you want a refund.

They cover the cost of return shipping for your first return on any order. But, if you need to return more items from the same order later, you’ll have to pay for the shipping yourself.

Once Cider gets your return, they take about 7-10 working days to process your refund.

If you paid with a credit card, debit card, or an online payment service, your refund should land in your bank account within roughly five business days.

Got a refund going back to a Cider Gift Card? That’ll pop into your Cider account. But heads up, if you paid with store credits from a previous return, you won’t get free return shipping this time around.

What Payment Methods Does Cider Accept?


Is Cider safe to pay? Cider supports a wide variety of payment options, including all the major credit cards and well-known services like Apple Pay and PayPal.

Check out the list of international payment methods you can use for your orders on Cider:

  1. American Express
  2. Apple Pay (Available in the US only)
  3. Bancontact (For customers in Belgium only)
  4. Blik (Exclusive to Poland)
  5. Discover
  6. Dlocal (Specifically for Brazil)
  7. EPS (Offered in Australia only)
  8. Ideal (Netherlands exclusive)
  9. Kakao (Only in Korea)
  10. Klarna (Available in the EU & North America)
  11. MasterCard
  12. Oxxo (Mexico only)
  13. PayPal
  14. Pay U (Poland only)
  15. PIX (Brazil only)
  16. Przelewy24 (For Polish customers)
  17. Visa

This range ensures that no matter where you are, you’ll likely find a convenient way to pay for your Cider purchases.

How To Earn Money From Cider?


Is Cider safe to earn money?Earning money with Cider is possible through affiliate marketing and by referring friends to the platform.

Affiliate marketing allows you to make a commission by promoting Cider products with special affiliate links. Here’s how to start making money through Cider’s affiliate program:

  1. Join affiliate networks that have partnerships with Cider.
  2. Use your unique affiliate links to share and promote their products.
  3. Earn a 12% commission when someone makes a purchase through your link within 14 days.

Additionally, Cider rewards you for bringing in new friends. Just share your referral link, and when your friends download the app using it, you’ll bag 100 points. Plus, you’ll get $20 after they make their first purchase.

Cider Pros and Cons


Cider stands out for offering trendy women’s apparel at affordable prices, ensuring that fashion-forward customers can refresh their wardrobes without breaking the bank. Plus, the brand simplifies the return process for added convenience. However, it’s important to note some limitations, particularly regarding delivery times and the return process for international customers.

Cider Pros

  1. Trend-Focused Collection: Cider caters to the tastes of Gen Z and younger demographics with its up-to-date, stylish clothing options.
  2. Straightforward Returns: Easily initiate a return online, print the provided shipping label, and send back your package via USPS.
  3. Complimentary Returns: Cider absorbs the cost for return shipping on all orders, with the only exception being if you’re making a second return from the same order.
  4. Easy-to-Use Platform: The website and app are designed for ease of use, making account setup and shopping smooth and hassle-free.
  5. Affordable Shipping: For orders under $39, shipping is a flat rate of $4.99, but it’s free for orders over this amount.

Cider Cons

  1. Delayed Deliveries: In the US, shipping might extend up to a month, despite initial estimates of 1-2 weeks.
  2. Return Hurdles for International Shoppers: Those shopping from outside the US are responsible for their return shipping costs, which could be pricey depending on the return warehouse’s location, either in the US or China.
  3. Sizing Discrepancies: A few customers have encountered issues with sizing, so it’s advisable to review the size chart carefully for each item.
  4. Limited Customer Support Options: Cider’s customer service is reachable only via email, lacking instant support options like live chat or phone assistance.

Cider Reviews: What Customers Are Saying

Cider boasts a solid reputation with a 4 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot and a 3.8 out of 5-star rating on Sitejabber. Despite these positive ratings, there are reports from customers about slow shipping, lackluster customer service, and issues with product quality.

The typical feedback found in Cider reviews online often mentions these concerns, alongside advice on how to avoid negative experiences:

Cider Review #1: Slow Shipping

Many customers have pointed out longer than expected wait times for their orders to arrive. Tip: Consider this if you need your items by a certain date and maybe opt for express shipping if available.


A common issue customers face with Cider is the delayed shipping times. Although Cider operates a warehouse in the US, all items are shipped from China, leading to slower delivery than some might expect.

The time it takes for products to arrive can vary significantly, ranging from a week to a month, largely due to the unpredictable nature of international shipping from China.

Additionally, items available for pre-order, which are only made once ordered, can extend the waiting period even further, taking up to one or two months to produce.

To manage expectations, it’s wise to look at the estimated delivery date provided by Cider and consider adding an extra week to that timeframe to get a more accurate idea of when your order will arrive.

Cider Review #2: Poor Quality Items


Cider manages to keep its prices affordable by utilizing inexpensive materials such as polyester. Given that the quality standards in China, where Cider’s products are manufactured, can be significantly different from those in the United States, this sometimes leads to the production of items that might not meet all customers’ expectations in terms of quality.

To ensure you’re more likely to be satisfied with your purchases, consider these tips before buying:

  1. Look at Reviews: Focus on products that have reviews, especially those that include customer photos, to get a real sense of what the item looks like.
  2. Review Quantity: Aim for items that have a substantial number of reviews, ideally 50 or more, as this indicates both popularity and that there’s enough feedback to gauge the product’s quality.
  3. Critical Reviews: Pay special attention to reviews with one to three stars, as these can highlight any quality issues or other concerns past buyers have had.

Despite these considerations, it’s worth noting that many shoppers find Cider’s products to be of superior quality compared to other fast fashion brands like SHEIN and Temu, indicating that with a bit of careful selection, you can find good-quality items on their platform.

Cider Review #3: Unresponsive Customer Service


Navigating customer service is a mixed bag across online retailers, and Cider is no different in this respect.

Cider doesn’t provide live chat or a direct phone line for immediate concerns, relying solely on email support. Despite their promise of responding within one business day, some customer reviews suggest experiences that don’t always align with this commitment.

To set realistic expectations, it’s wise to steer clear of making complex or time-sensitive orders, given that the response times from customer support may not be as swift as hoped.

Cider Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to Cider for trendy and affordable fashion, there are several online stores that cater to similar tastes and budgets. Here’s a list of some popular options that offer a wide range of clothing and accessories, often with a focus on fast fashion:



Unlike Cider clothing, SHEIN is a global online retail company that has rapidly grown to become one of the most recognizable names in fast fashion. 

It caters primarily to women’s fashion but also offers an extensive range of men’s apparel, children’s clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, and other fashion items.



Boohoo is a popular UK fast fashion brand targeting the young crowd, especially those aged between 16 and 30.

Just like Cider, Boohoo is all about keeping your wardrobe up-to-date without breaking the bank. They offer a wide range of affordable women’s clothing, including dresses, tops, skirts, lingerie, plus-size outfits, and various accessories.

When you shop at Boohoo, expect your items to arrive in the US within eight to ten business days, although sometimes it might take a bit longer for orders to leave their UK warehouse.



Everlane stands out as an ethical fashion brand hailing from San Francisco, dedicated to crafting modern, sustainable designs. Unlike fast fashion counterparts, Everlane focuses on using recycled materials, striving to eliminate new plastics from its supply chain by an impressive 90%.

Should You Buy From Cider?

Is Cider safe to buy? Yes, Cider is a cool spot for folks wanting to snag trendy items at low prices, especially when high quality isn’t the top priority.

But, there are a few things to keep in mind about Cider. Some small fashion creators have called them out for copying their original designs, which is something to consider.

Also, all the items are shipped from China, meaning you might wait between two to four weeks for your stuff to arrive. If that’s okay with you, then shopping at Cider could work out just fine.

Despite these hiccups, Cider is still a big hit with the Gen Z crowd. However, if you’re someone who values sustainability and ethical practices in fashion, you might find brands like Everlane and For Days more aligned with your values.