A Complete List: 25 Best China sourcing agent

Are you a start-up aiming to start small with your imports? Do you find yourself overlooked by the big sourcing agents in China that dominate Google ads?

There’s a ‘Dictionary’ filled with the top sourcing agents in China ready for you to explore. Keep in mind, each sourcing agent specializes in various fields, so it’s crucial to select those who offer excellent service for your specific products. Whether you’re looking for a product sourcing agent, wholesale China vendors, or are interested in sourcing from China, this resource can help you find the right fit for your business needs.

Welcome to the era of Sourcing Agent. These modern sourcing agents are perfectly suited for small to medium-sized enterprises, including E-commerce platforms such as eBay, Shopify, and Amazon FBA Sellers. Additionally, for those who require additional services for E-commerce product sourcing, a China sourcing agent can offer the specialized support needed. Whether it’s finding wholesale China vendors or navigating the complexities of sourcing from China, these agents provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your online business.

What Is A China Sourcing Agent

A China sourcing agent acts as a dedicated specialist or freelancer for businesses abroad, assisting them in importing goods from China. Today’s China sourcing agent or company goes beyond just finding cost-effective products; they also play a crucial role in ensuring the legal compliance and stability of your supply chain.

What a top-tier sourcing agent in China can offer your business includes:

  • They serve as a bridge between your company and the suppliers or products you’re seeking.
  • Through their extensive network of manufacturers and contacts within China, sourcing agents add value by facilitating connections between buyers and sellers.
  • Whether working exclusively with one client or managing multiple clients, a sourcing agent tailors their services to meet specific needs.
  • Many sourcing agents focus their expertise on a particular industry or sector, leveraging their specialized knowledge to benefit your business.

In essence, whether you’re engaging with wholesale China vendors or navigating the intricacies of product sourcing from China, a proficient sourcing agent is instrumental in aligning your business objectives with the right supply chain solutions.

How Much Does A China Sourcing Agent Charge

Sourcing agents in China can vary widely in how they charge for their services, depending on the scope of work, level of expertise, and the specific needs of your business. Generally, their fees can be structured in several ways:

  1. Commission-Based: The most common payment structure is a commission on the total order value. This rate typically ranges from 5% to 10%, with the average being around 5%. The exact percentage can depend on the complexity of the product, the quantity ordered, and the total value of the purchase.
  1. Fixed Fee: Some sourcing agents might charge a fixed fee for their services, especially for specific tasks or smaller projects. This fee is agreed upon before the commencement of the service and is not dependent on the order value.

  2. Retainer Plus Commission: For ongoing services, a sourcing agent may charge a monthly retainer in addition to a lower commission rate. This structure ensures they are compensated for continuous market research, quality checks, and supply chain management.

  3. Hourly Rate: Though less common, some sourcing agents work on an hourly basis. This can be suitable for businesses that only need assistance with certain aspects of the sourcing process.

  4. Success Fee: A success fee is a payment made only when the sourcing agent successfully completes a transaction or achieves a specific outcome, such as negotiating a particularly challenging contract.

It’s crucial to have a clear agreement with your sourcing agent about their fees and the services they will provide. This agreement should include how and when the payment will be made, and any conditions that might affect the fee structure. 

Remember, while cost is an important factor, the expertise and reliability of the sourcing agent can significantly impact the success of your sourcing efforts from China.

What information do you need to provide

When working with a China sourcing agent, providing detailed information upfront is key to a successful partnership. Here’s what you should share with them:

  1. Product Specifications: Offer as much detail as possible about the product you’re sourcing, including materials, dimensions, colors, and any specific manufacturing processes or quality standards. Detailed specifications help ensure you get exactly what you need.

  2. Budget Constraints: Clearly outline your budget for the products and any constraints you have. This helps the agent understand your price sensitivity and negotiate better deals on your behalf.

  3. Order Quantities: Inform them of your expected order volumes. This is crucial for negotiating prices and understanding minimum order quantities (MOQs) with manufacturers.

  4. Quality Standards: Specify your quality requirements and any certifications or testing needed for your products. This ensures the products meet your standards and comply with any regulatory requirements in your market.

  5. Timeline: Provide a timeline for when you need the products delivered. This helps the sourcing agent plan the production and shipping schedule accurately.

  6. Packaging and Branding Requirements: If you have specific packaging or branding requirements, make these clear. This includes packaging design, labeling, and any branding that needs to be applied to the products.

  7. Compliance and Certifications: Detail any compliance standards and certifications required for your product in its end market. This is especially important for electronics, toys, food products, and other items subject to regulatory oversight.

  8. Logistics Preferences: Share your preferences or requirements for shipping and logistics, including desired shipping methods (air or sea), incoterms, and any preferred freight forwarders or logistics partners.

  9. Communication Preferences: Lastly, outline how often you wish to receive updates, the preferred mode of communication (email, phone, etc.), and any language requirements.

By providing comprehensive information in these areas, you can facilitate a smoother, more efficient sourcing process. This clarity helps your sourcing agent align closely with your business needs, ensuring they can act as an effective extension of your team on the ground in China.

10 Types of China Sourcing Agent

Companies often claim they can help you source any product from China, and this might seem puzzling given the diverse range of product lines different businesses require. However, the breadth of services offered by China sourcing agents makes this possible. These agents vary widely in their specialties and services, catering to a multitude of sourcing and procurement needs across industries. Here’s a breakdown of the common types of China sourcing agents and how they can cater to different business requirements:

  1. General Sourcing Agents: Ideal for businesses looking for a variety of products, these agents have the capability to source a broad range of items from multiple suppliers across China. They manage the entire process, from supplier identification to price negotiation and quality control, akin to a Yiwu market sourcing agent.

  2. Product-Specific Agents: These agents offer specialized expertise in particular product categories such as electronics, textiles, or machinery. Their deep knowledge and industry connections can provide you with insights and access to top suppliers in their field.

  3. Quality Control Agents: Focused on ensuring your sourced products meet specified quality standards, these agents conduct thorough inspections, factory audits, and quality checks, similar to what a 1688 sourcing agent might offer.

  4. Shipping and Logistics Agents: They simplify the complexities involved in shipping, customs clearance, and logistics, ensuring your goods are transported from China to your destination efficiently and cost-effectively.

  5. Trade Show Agents: For those attending trade shows in China to connect with suppliers, trade show agents offer logistical support, translation services, and introductions to potential suppliers, maximizing your visit’s productivity.

  6. Manufacturing Sourcing Agents: Tailored for businesses needing custom manufacturing solutions, these agents assist with finding the right factories, overseeing production, and ensuring quality control for industrialized and mechanical products.

  7. Dropshipping Sourcing Agents: Supporting dropshipping business models, these agents facilitate product sourcing, inventory management, and order fulfillment, allowing for a seamless operation.

  8. E-commerce Sourcing Agents: Specializing in the needs of e-commerce businesses, these agents source products optimized for online selling platforms such as Amazon, eBay, or Shopify.

  9. Design and Development Agents: These agents help turn product ideas into reality, working on design, prototyping, and production with Chinese manufacturers. They’re key for custom designs and unique products.

  10. Compliance and Certification Agents: These agents ensure products meet international standards and regulatory requirements, such as CE marking or FDA approval. They’re essential for businesses needing to adhere to specific industry regulations.

25 Best Sourcing Agent in China

the best china sourcing agent prize

Determining the quality of a sourcing agent in China can be challenging, yet there are certain indicators of a sourcing agent’s reliability and financial strength to look out for:

  1. Business Registration Verification: Confirm the sourcing agent’s business registration with the relevant Chinese authorities. Legitimate agents should have up-to-date business licenses and registration documents.
  2. Alibaba Store and Online Presence: A legitimate agent often has a well-established Alibaba store or professional website. Check for customer reviews, ratings, and the history of transactions on these platforms.
  3. Hong Kong Company Registration (If Applicable): For agents handling transactions in US dollars or engaging in international trade, verify if they have a legally registered company in Hong Kong, which is a common practice for international financial transactions.
  4. Physical Office Verification: A professional and stable sourcing agent will have a commercial office address. Consider verifying this address or even visiting the office if possible.
  5. Financial References and Bank Account Verification: Request financial references or statements. Some agents might provide information on their bank accounts in China or Hong Kong, which you can verify for authenticity.

We’ve compiled a list of verified Chinese sourcing agents, which also includes Chinese export agents, trade agents, and Yiwu agents. These agents are essential for businesses looking to navigate the complex network of wholesale China vendors and excel in product sourcing from China.

Here’s a reference list of top Chinese sourcing agents for your consideration:

Company Name Services Location


Revolutionize Business with Premier China Sourcing, Digital Marketing & AI Solutions

ShenZhen, Wuhan, Germany


One-Stop China Sourcing Company : From A to Z

Wuhan, China

Ruizhi Sourcing

From Idea To Reality,Your 1st captain, when you need realization

Shenzhen China/ho chin minh Vietnam

Sourcing Nova

Top China Sourcing Agent finding leading manufacturers for your Private Label



Product Sourcing From Manufacturer At Best Price

Yiwu, China


Best Dropshipping Agent
Dropshipping from China Made Easy.

Hangzhou, China


One-Stop China Sourcing company and Supply Chain Solution In China

Jiaxing, China


We Make it Easy to Source from China

Yiwu, China.

Sourcing Bro

Supercharge your supply chain

Shenzhen, China

Swift horse

One-stop services, from sourcing to delivery, as your optimal supply chain.

Foshan, China

Foshan Sourcing


Foshan, China

Dragon Sourcing

Global Sourcing Company

Worldwide Offices


We streamline your procurement, making it easier than ever with one-stop and worry-free sourcing solution.

Guangzhou & Hangzhou, China

Global Trade Specialists

We Help You Buy Direct from Reliable China Manufacturing Companies.

Colorado, Vienna, Austria, China


We Help Source And Import From China

Fuzhou, China

Fami Sourcing

China Sourcing Agent for Startup Companies

Guangzhou, China


Expert Procurement Services in Asia - Your Trusted Partner for Success

Hongkong and Guangzhou

Baysource Global

Complex offshore manufacturing assignments, assist in product design improvements

US & Shanghai, China


Learn How to Build & Scale eCommerce Brands on Amazon

Hongkong, China

Easy Imex

Sourcing From China, The easy way

UK & China


Sourcing furniture from China.

Foshan, Guangdong, China


One-Stop Global Supply Chain Provider

Guangzhou, China

China Division

Make Your Supply Chain Becomes Your Competitiveness

Shenzhen, China

China Direct Sourcing

Import from China to Australia and save 30-50% from reputable Suppliers and Manufacturers


* If you’re a professional sourcing agent in China, please reach out to us. We’ll consider adding you to our list.


Advantages of Partnering with Sourcing Agents in China


Choosing between hiring a sourcing agent in China or handling it yourself depends on your preference. If you’re well-versed in managing tasks that require significant effort and come with risks, then feel confident in saving costs and taking the DIY approach.

A proficient China sourcing agent offers a blend of services tailored to specific needs:

  1. Identifying a manufacturer capable of producing your product or advising if it’s unfeasible.
  2. Locating a manufacturer who meets your quality standards or informing you if your standards are unattainable.
  3. Finding a manufacturer who can produce your product at your target price, or letting you know if the price point is not achievable.
  4. Safeguarding your intellectual property (IP) throughout the process, ensuring there’s no disclosure of your IP or mismanagement that could lead to loss.
  5. Maintaining a relationship with the manufacturer post-selection to guarantee continued high quality and adapting the product to align with evolving technology or market demands.

The Standard China Sourcing Agent Work Process:

  1. Approval of Specifications and Certificate Requirements: Initially, the agent confirms the product specifications and any necessary certifications to comply with your market standards, laying a solid foundation for the sourcing process.

  2. Supplier Search: Utilizing their extensive network and knowledge of the industry, the agent embarks on finding potential suppliers capable of meeting your specifications and quality expectations.

  3. Initial Price Request, Order Samples, and Selection of Qualified Suppliers: The agent requests quotes and samples from potential suppliers to assess their capability to deliver on your requirements, leading to the selection of the most qualified candidates.

  4. Price Negotiations: Leveraging their market knowledge and negotiation skills, the agent works to secure the best possible prices without compromising on quality or delivery timelines.

  5. Audit of Qualified Suppliers: A thorough audit is conducted to verify the shortlisted suppliers’ manufacturing capabilities, quality control systems, and ethical standards, ensuring they align with your needs.

  6. Final Supplier Selection: Based on the audit results, price, and sample quality, the agent helps you make an informed decision on the best supplier to fulfill your order.

  7. Conclusion of a Sales Contract: The agent assists in finalizing a contract with the chosen supplier, covering all crucial aspects like product specs, payment terms, and delivery schedules to protect your interests.

  8. Product Manufacturing and Quality Control: Throughout the manufacturing process, the agent monitors production to ensure compliance with the agreed specifications and conducts quality control checks to maintain high standards.

  9. Arrange Shipping: Once manufacturing is complete, the agent coordinates the logistics of shipping the products to your designated location, including handling customs clearance and any related documentation.

By following this structured process, a sourcing agent in China facilitates a smooth and successful sourcing operation, from the initial product concept to the final delivery of goods.

Beyond the tasks already outlined, a proficient sourcing agent in China can offer a multitude of services to enhance your sourcing strategy. While this list provides a solid foundation, the capabilities of a good agent extend further, potentially adding significant value to your operations. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to whether employing a sourcing agent is the right move for every business. The decision should be carefully weighed based on the specific benefits and considerations relevant to your unique situation and needs.

When Do You Need a Sourcing Agent?

If you’re a newcomer to importing from China with a diverse range of products, a China sourcing agent can significantly assist with multiple tasks such as finding suppliers, conducting factory audits, negotiating prices, inspecting products, and managing shipping. For those importing only a small selection of items, purchasing directly from the factory might be more cost-effective than engaging a sourcing agent in China, which could add to your expenses.

Exploring Four Ways to Procure Products from China

We delve into which partnership model best fits your sourcing strategy from China.

Purchasing Directly from Manufacturers

  • Pros: Cost savings, ability to customize, and direct interaction
  • Cons: Required large orders, potential language challenges, and ensuring product quality

Employing a Sourcing Agent in China

  • Pros: Navigational expertise, overcoming language and cultural hurdles, and maintaining quality standards
  • Cons: Additional expenses, reduced direct oversight, and the challenge of selecting a suitable agent

Acquiring through a Trading Company

  • Pros: Simplified process, smaller order requirements, and assured product quality
  • Cons: Increased costs, restricted customization options, and difficulty in locating specific products

Engaging a Service Company

  • Pros: Expertise in logistics, storage and distribution capabilities, and financial management services
  • Cons: Extra fees, diminished direct influence, and the task of identifying an appropriate provider

How to Find a Sourcing Agent in China?

Understanding that the term “best sourcing agent in China” is rather subjective, and virtually anyone can claim to be the top in this field, is crucial.

I often regard Chinese sourcing agents with a critical eye, suggesting that “90 percent are either dishonest or lack the necessary skills, with many falling into both categories. Yet, the remaining ten percent are invaluable.”

So, what’s the strategy for finding a sourcing agent in China who offers great value? Regrettably, the most effective approach is through word of mouth. This is less than ideal because it implies the need for a network already versed in international manufacturing for credible recommendations.

On a brighter note, reputable sourcing agents will steer clear of products outside their expertise. Hence, if we encounter a client in need of assistance with sourcing an atypical product and we lack the requisite sourcing knowledge, we turn to a trusted sourcing agent for their recommendations.

Therefore, making an educated choice in selecting this expert is vital; else, the cost could exceed their fee. Here are seven steps to help you pinpoint a reliable and competent sourcing agent in China, ensuring you partner with someone truly suited to your needs.

Compile a List of Potential Sourcing Agents in China

Initiating your search for a sourcing agent in China involves creating a list of potential agents. This list can be refined through further interactions to weed out those lacking the ability to provide effective services. Here are some methods to find a China sourcing agent:

  • Google searches
  • Social media platforms
  • Referrals from business contacts
  • Attendance at trade fairs

Evaluate Their Knowledge on Products and Market Trends

Importing from China varies greatly by product type, with some, like electronics and automotive parts, being particularly complex. It’s crucial to choose a sourcing agent with deep product knowledge and an understanding of market trends, as this can significantly impact the success and profitability of the import.

Ensure They Have Excellent Communication Skills

A top-tier China sourcing agent should be fluent in English, both written and spoken, enabling clear communication via phone and email. Prompt responses are essential, especially considering the time difference between China and other countries.

Look for Transparency and Legal Compliance

While finding a sourcing agent in China might be straightforward, identifying one who is both transparent and legally compliant requires a strategic approach. A reputable agent prioritizes customer requirements and certifications over personal supplier relationships or potential kickbacks.

Assess Their Import & Export Expertise

The ideal sourcing agent in China should possess extensive knowledge of import and export regulations, including necessary certificates, documentation, and licensing. Questions to consider asking include:

  1. How they determine supplier qualifications
  2. Payment procedures to suppliers
  3. Strategies for fraud prevention
  4. Involvement in the procurement process
  5. Handling disputes over product quality
  6. Their operational tenure
  7. Approach to sourcing suppliers
  8. Availability of reviews from your country
  9. Willingness to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Verify Legal Registration and Office Presence

A credible sourcing agent should be legally registered and have an office in China, possibly including Hong Kong. Agents with offices both in China and your home country generally indicate a stronger, more reliable presence.

Ensure Ethical Supply Chain Management Practices

While many sourcing companies in China claim to avoid kickbacks to maintain their reputation, vigilance is required to ensure this practice is adhered to throughout their organization. Regular audits are necessary to prevent unethical practices.

By following these guidelines, you can more effectively identify a suitable and trustworthy product sourcing agent in China, enhancing your sourcing strategy from China and ensuring a more secure and profitable supply chain.



You definitely don’t want a sourcing agent who relies on scribbled notes and consistently fails to deliver. Navigating global sourcing is complex, filled with numerous variables and the certainty of facing unexpected challenges.

Only through years of experience and implementing robust systems can an agent truly safeguard your interests with suppliers. If their efforts are more focused on flattery rather than detailing their project management methodologies, they likely lack the essential skills for the job.

In our view, finding the ultimate best China sourcing agent might be an elusive goal; instead, the aim should be to find a competent and reliable sourcing agent. For me, the integrity and personal qualities of the agency’s owners are paramount. Finally, if you’re in search of a China sourcing agent, simply fill out a form, and we promise a response within 24 hours. SKAB has been a supportive partner every step of the way.