The Best 40 online China sourcing and China procurement platforms

China Sourcing and procurement is not an easy job because there are hundreds of online platforms. Foreign trade is the business of international customers, and it is larger than the general business, that is, the quantity of goods traded is very large. Therefore, the most important point for many businessmen engaged in foreign trade is to contact their stable suppliers before starting. If there is no support from suppliers, then doing foreign trade business seems to be a state of “a clever woman can’t cook without rice”.

Therefore, when we do foreign trade business, China sourcing, and China procurement websites, not only must we ensure the support of customers, but more importantly, we must have manufacturers’ support. Then the problem arises. To ensure our profit when purchasing the source of goods, the lower the purchase price, the better, and the supplier must also guarantee the quantity of our purchased goods. At this time, foreign trade is the primary source of goods becoming more important. So, what do these foreign trade primary China sourcing or agencies and China procurement refer to? Where can they get them? Today we will collect all about the acquisition of foreign trade primary China sourcing online platforms.

Top 40 China Sourcing and China procurement online platforms


1. Alibaba 1688

Alibaba is the preferred China sourcing and procurement of goods for many foreign trade companies that do not have the advantage of supply. It is also the largest source of goods website in China, with a wide range of sources.


2. Made in China Network is a comprehensive B2B China sourcing and China procurement platform, covering all industry categories, with a focus on industry and electronics.


3. Dunhuang Net is a cross-border B2B export China sourcing and China procurement platform with 21 million overseas buyers, foreign trade factories, and brand owners settling in at a low threshold. With the support of precise traffic resources, an order is generated every 1.6 seconds. is the most manufacturer.

4. Yiwu Shopping

Yiwu Go is an online platform for Yiwu Small Commodity Market, covering 75,000 booths and 3.5 million commodities, including Yiwu International Trade City District 1 to District 5, Huangyuan Garment Market, Yiwu International Production Materials Market, and Yiwu Imported Commodities City.

5. Bao Niu Niu

Bao Niu Niu is a platform specializing in the wholesale of luggage products. It brings together thousands of online suppliers in Baigou, Hebei, and Guangzhou that have been strictly certified and screened to provide new bags in the Baigou luggage wholesale market for China sourcing and China procurement and wholesale retailers across the country.

6. Global China HuaPin

Global China HuaPin is a China sourcing and China procurement platform that provides a large number of high-quality foreign trade sources for cross-border e-commerce sellers, professional product descriptions and pictures; Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, wish, lazada and other multi-platform docking, support one-click publication, one generation Send to the world.

7. HC Network

The B2B China sourcing and China procurement platform provides you with B2B industry information, supply and purchase information, and an industry portal for enterprises to seek e-commerce online trade information.

8. World Factory Network

World Factory Network is a comprehensive service platform for enterprise sourcing and procurement, providing online construction services for enterprises.

9. Tony

A platform specializing in distribution, first-hand source of goods, one-piece delivery to the world, a distribution platform that provides a large number of high-quality sources of goods for cross-border sourcing and procurement and domestic buyers. It carefully inspects each product, quality problems are fully refunded, Promise within 48 hours.

10. Internet business park

The online business park is the earliest and most professional clothing and apparel source distribution platform in the country. It provides a series of services such as one-click upload, one-piece delivery, and a 15-day refund. It is a true zero-risk business, focusing on men’s clothing.

11.17 Net is a global professional clothing source wholesale website. It gathers clothing wholesale markets such as Guangzhou Shahe Baima Thirteen Lines, Hangzhou Sijiqing, Jieyang Puning, etc., providing women’s clothing, men’s clothing, bags, shoes, and other primary sources of wholesale.

12. Cargo catcher

The new model is the best choice for picking up the goods. All goods support one-piece delivery, and you can return and exchange goods for no reason. Take the same source of goods on, with different service experience, fast delivery, and worry-free after-sales.

13.1688 take goods network

1688 is a professional micro-business source platform, and 1688 Alibaba online shop wholesale network is a wholesale website integrating micro-business agents and micro-business franchisees. There are luxury goods, bags, children’s clothing, men’s and women’s clothing, and sports. The first-hand supply of shoe micro-sellers.


Sosokuan is the largest online wholesale sourcing and procurement platform in Guangzhou, covering Guangzhou Shahe, Shisanhang, Baima, Jiefangnan, Chaoshan Puning, and other clothing wholesale markets, providing platforms such as Alibaba, Taobao, Tmall,, Mogujie, and Meilishuo. , mainly women’s clothing.

15. Famous Makeup

A cosmetics sourcing and procurement platform, combined with a show famous cosmetics wholesale platform, for everyone to send cosmetics, provide all materials, and one-click forwarding.

16. Internet of Clothing

The Internet of Clothing is the leader of the online clothing wholesale market, bringing together Guangzhou Baima clothing wholesale, Shisanhang, Shahe, Hangzhou Sijiqing, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, and other clothing wholesale markets.

17. Global Underwear Network

Bringing together excellent brand underwear suppliers in Anhui, Shandong, Zhejiang, and Henan underwear wholesale markets, providing bra wholesale, underwear wholesale, thermal underwear wholesale, sexy underwear, socks wholesale, body shaping pants, shapewear, etc.

18. Works Exchange

Low-cost purchases, 3 million SKUs of industrial products, direct delivery from multiple warehouses, registration can enjoy one-to-one online customer service, Gongpinhui Company_MRO Industrial Products Purchasing Mall, spend the same money, buy more goods.

19. Beloved mother and baby

High-end maternal and infant products B2B distribution platform, brand investment promotion for maternity and infants, free franchise agent, one-piece delivery, genuine supply, milk powder, diapers, children’s clothing and children’s shoes, stroller seats, baby toys, maternity and baby care, hundreds of brand.

20. NALA Beauty Network

It is a well-known beauty purchasing and wholesale website in China. It sells facial masks, eyeliners, mascaras, beauty tools, personal care, and other beauty and daily cosmetics products, authentic licensed products, rich categories, and the lowest prices in the country.

21. Food Network

The e-commerce platform and media focusing on the food industry chain, the leading B2B platform for the food industry, gathers massive supply and demand information. The website locates the food industry chains, including agricultural products, simple food processing, deep processing of food, and food raw materials.

22. Four Seasons Constellation Network

Four Seasons Constellation Network is Hangzhou’s clothing, Hangzhou women’s clothing source wholesale, the market includes Four Seasons Constellation, Constellation Women’s Clothing E-commerce Building, Zhejiang Clothing E-commerce Building, Sijiqing, Italian-French Clothing City, Xinhangpai.

23. Sex Business Network

B2B sourcing and procurement platform for adult products wholesale.

24. Works Exchange

Low-cost purchases, 3 million SKUs of industrial products, direct delivery from multiple warehouses, registration can enjoy one-to-one online customer service, Gongpinhui Company_MRO Industrial Products Purchasing Mall, spend the same money, buy more goods.

25. Western Regions

Professional MRO self-operated e-commerce, providing 36 production lines, millions of SKUs for you to choose from, one-stop purchase of industrial spare parts, genuine licensed products, ultra-short delivery time, low prices on the whole network, and free shipping for the first order in the country.

26. Business Network

Huhuzhou Zhili children’s clothing wholesale website, hundreds of thousands of children’s clothing and children’s shoes first-hand source, children’s shoes and children’s clothing wholesale factory direct sales to provide children’s clothing purchase channels, wholesale children’s shoes. The platform has services such as drop shipping of children’s clothing and shoes, photography, and other services.

27. Buy online

Famous brand shopping guide and essence recommendation as the core, with TOP10 “Top Ten Anecdote List, Decoration List, Online Shopping List, Investment List, Voting List, Character List, Product List, Food List, Car List, Travel.

28. Excellent distribution

It has been in business for 10 years and is the largest wholesale website for cosmetics in the country. It is mainly engaged in Korean cosmetics, Japanese cosmetics, European and American brands of skin care products, color cosmetics, perfumes, and Australian products.

29. Meimei Tao

A website specializing in the wholesale of women’s shoes, wholesale of women’s shoes, one-piece delivery of women’s shoes, distribution of women’s shoes, and complete products, including women’s shoes, single shoes, leather shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, slippers, sandals, short boots, Martin boots, snow boots, cotton shoes.

30. Love to buy and sell

Wenling Women’s Shoes Wholesale Market provides women’s shoe brands, women’s shoe sources, women’s shoe manufacturers, and a one-stop women’s shoe wholesale procurement and distribution service platform.

31. Home of Supply

Reliable online store supply and micro-business supply navigation platform for small and medium-sized enterprises .cn/web/

China’s largest online sales platform for men’s shoes and sports shoes, with thousands of men’s shoes and sports shoes manufacturers in Quanzhou, Fujian, providing the most competitive products for sellers such as Taobao, Ali, Tmall,, Meilishuo, Mogujie, etc. source of supply.

32. Duoshangwang

The Pearl River Delta Cloud Supply Chain Platform provides wholesale and consignment of factory sources such as men’s and women’s clothing, beauty makeup, shoes, and bags, home appliances, mother and baby, etc. for Taobao and Tmall online stores/offline stores.

33. China shoe library network

It mainly provides Internet value-added services for the majority of online business friends. Welcome friends from all walks of life to enter our e-commerce park and shoe library network platform.

35. Marco Polo Net

The accurate purchase search engine is a B2B e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to realize “accurate purchase search” and “accurate advertisement placement”. Marco Polo Net satisfies the development of small and medium-sized enterprises with low investment and high return.

36. Gongbangbang

A sourcing and procurement platform specializing in industrial products, there are many industrial materials on it.

37. Global Textile Network

The portal website of the textile industry has been committed to providing the most valuable professional information services for textile enterprises in China and even around the world, and promoting the development of international textile trade.

38. Global Sources

A global multi-channel sourcing and procurement B2B platform, by provides a one-stop O2O solution consisting of online trade websites and offline exhibitions, allowing users to obtain high-quality and authentic B2B services.

39. Global Shoes Network

The high-quality B2B shoe industry sourcing and procurement platform provides you with shoe brand franchises, sports shoes, casual shoes, leather shoes, women’s shoes, men’s shoes, children’s shoe brands, shoe materials, and accessories, shoe machine molds and other product suppliers, as well as shoes.

40. Goutu

It is a one-stop shop B2B sourcing and procurement platform that provides professional comprehensive e-commerce outsourcing services to the source of production and provides comprehensive sales support to the retail service market through a cross-platform distribution system.

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